vintage book design: poetry

I’ve recently started taking a free online Modern Poetry course through the University of Pennsylvania (and Coursera) and have since been absolutely overwhelmed by the course load. Don’t get me wrong — I’m thrilled to be taking the class, and doing the work, but I suppose I’ve forgotten the intensity of a college course and the work it takes to think so critically about poems. I just submitted my first paper, but still am about a week behind on my other homework. Oops! So I think I’ll be spending my free time today playing catch-up. But with so much poetry on my mind, I’d thought I’d share a few of these vintage book designs for poetry books. I’d love to get my hands on a copy of any of these!

We’re actually reading several of the poems from this collection now, so it’s appropriateness seems perfect to leave you with.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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