When it comes to stocking the shop, I’m almost always looking for quality pieces that are in near perfect condition. So when I come across something in my search that isn’t perfect but jumps out at me for its potential to become something else, my heart reels. I’m a sucker for a good DIY project and even the simplest of crafts can turn my day around. And crafting something up using second-hand vintage materials? Even better.


This old stool had been in my boyfriend’s apartment for ages, passed down from tenant to tenant, half-covered in a ripped navy vinyl. I loved its great 50’s style but obviously wasn’t loving its worn out upholstery. I’m certainly no expert in reupholstery, but the great thing about rehabbing pieces like this is that they’re such a breeze to finish with a little bit of trial and error. By just removing a few screws from the bottom of the seat, the top lifted off and I was able to easily recover it and secure the new fabric with a staple gun. Instant upgrade.

The fabric used for this project came from a pair of thrifted curtains whose hems were fallen out and frayed. I knew I wouldn’t be able to use them as curtains any longer but couldn’t pass up the print. I’ve still got tons left, too. Perhaps some pillows next?


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