mother’s day


This comes a bit late, but I wanted to share a quick little DIY card idea that I worked on yesterday for my mom. You could certainly switch things up a bit to fit a different use, or save it for next year. And for any of you that still need a belated gift, this was so fun to put together! I was able to repurpose a few things here: vintage wallpaper for the bouquet, a strip of paint chip samples for the top banner, and some scrap cardboard for the card. Everything else were materials left over from other craft projects. My favorite part was being able to use up some wonderful copper metal sheets for the bottom banner and adorn them with simple embossing.





I hope you all had a beautiful day and it continues on throughout the week! A special thanks to all of the mother’s out there who may see this :) Mine saved the day after a minor wardrobe mishap of mine — the lady is a whiz at sewing on the fly. Love you, Mom!


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