over the weekend: pgh


We all know that old adage, “When it rains, it pours,” right? Well, don’t worry. Though it has been literally raining quite a bit lately, it seems also that when the sun shines, it shines really damn bright. The past couple of weeks have been a dream! I’ve been a little neglectful of this blog and the shop, but with all that’s been going on lately, it’s been hard to find the time (hence this post consisting of entirely Instagram pictures). This weekend, my boyfriend Adam and I packed up our bags and hit the road with one of our good friends to make our way to Pittsburgh. I’ve only ever been a few times in my life, but every time I have, I’ve absolutely loved the escape of the city and the abundance of good thrift stores. And this time was no exception — I can’t wait to share my haul!



But our main reason for visiting this weekend was to attend Adam’s father’s wedding! The sky threatened to pour down on us several times during the morning, but luckily the weather cooperated and allowed us all to enjoy the ceremony in the outdoor garden of this absolutely stunning synagogue. The gorgeous architecture was the perfect backdrop to such a wonderful afternoon’s celebration, and seemed to be the perfect venue for Adam’s father and his love of all manner of old things. The synagogue itself was a converted mansion once owned by John Worthington, a mining engineer and geologist who worked with the Standard Oil Company. Adam’s father happily offered us a quick history of the buildings as he would any of the many things he makes himself an expert of. A walk-through of his home is a breathtaking and impressive collection of antiques (some pictured above in the photo grid) which I could have spent hours looking through.


Dress: thrifted hot pink and orange 60s style shift dress, $3; Heels: 70s cut-out wood wedges, gift


Our trip this time around might not have been long enough for hours and hours of looking through his father’s collections but I tried. And had a blast. And although neither of us really have the opportunity to take a proper vacation, it’s weekends like these that keep us happy and sane. It was so wonderful to visit with Adam’s family and make a few pit stops in Pitt while we had the chance. Before the long drive home, we all stopped at some of our favorite thrift and food shops and rounded out the weekend with some of our favorite of the city’s offerings. Now let’s just hope the sun keeps shining on us as we head back to work this week ;)


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