the stuff crusade

For me and for many of you following this blog, thrifting can be an exciting way to shop for many reasons. But the one that is perhaps the most compelling to me is the act of making use of that which has gone unused after some known or unknown history of use. Repurposing and rehousing objects that were once owned by someone else, before they were discarded or exchanged or abandoned, holds an element of excitement to me. In a way, I imagine the lengthening of time through the scope of a particular thing. I imagine its singular history which now includes and links me to whatever fascinating past it has known before me. It sounds a little too grandiose a way to think about something like, say, a soap dish but how deeply we feel about our belongings is precisely what The Stuff Crusade means to tune us into.

My good friend, Lauren McCarty is the lady behind the project and I can assure you, she will be finding you good finds. Many of which will be the adorable kind of bric-a-brac we search for on Etsy anyway. Watch her video to find out more about her project but here’s what I think you won’t want to miss: the opportunity to ‘adopt’ her finds (for free, I might add) and become a hero to some object in need. And if you pledge in support, you’ll get the cutest ‘Hero’ trophy/medal/postcard to prove it!


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