over the weekend: staying in

After a whirlwind of a month in May, June seems to be settling down quite nicely. I’m definitely a homebody most of the time (my favorite hobbies lend themselves to that so easily: crafting, cooking/baking, reading) so the down time is always welcome. As you can see from the photos above, my weekend consisted of lots of food, drink and cat time. I snuck in some work and finished up a headboard to be shipped out soon, and took a quick venture out in the sun for a great event at a nearby brewery. I only lasted about an hour before I felt like I was going to pass out from all the sun exposure — I think the temperatures reached 93 yesterday! Still, it was nice to get out and see friends before I got too comfortable in my apartment all day long.

If anyone is wondering (and you should be), that pie in the upper left hand corner is actually a tomato pie! Adam and I have been talking about making a pizza pie that looks like a dessert pie and we finally got around to doing it. It went off without a hitch and sliced perfectly. Not to mention it was delicious. I’m not sure we’ll want to make a pizza any other way now.

I’ve got the rest of the day off, so I plan on queuing up some fun posts for the week. Look out for some great recipes, vintage decor and a few other surprises!


5 thoughts on “over the weekend: staying in

    • My boyfriend insists that he’s “perfecting” his tomato sauce recipe but he never measures anything, haha. I think we’ll try to make it again soon and take notes so we can share, but in the meantime, you can use any old recipe you like and just make sure to reserve half of the dough for the lattice top! Roll out one half, put it into an oiled pie pan and par-bake it for a few minutes. We added some veggies to the bottom and then poured the sauce in over top. Then roll out the rest of your dough and cut it like you would pie crust to lay it on top for the lattice :)

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