shop feature: beaded collars

I just love the way a beaded collar necklace can dress up an outfit so easily, and I’ve been lusting over this one in particular but knew I’d never be able to justify the price. Luckily these pieces pop up all over thrift and antique spots and are just as gorgeous! I’m putting one up for sale on my Etsy today and thought it would be nice to feature the adorable variations out there that turn good outfits into even better outfits.

Beaded collars and collar necklaces of all types have been showing up all over fashion pieces this season, and I’m loving every bit of it. How great are these detachable versions that make themselves useful in dressing up any outfit you can think of? I imagine these would be especially darling over a simple solid-colored sweater. Even better, one of these would be down right perfect as part of a wedding ensemble, wouldn’t it? Here’s what’s going up in the shop today:

Vintage Peter Pan Beaded Collar Necklace


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