diy reclaimed wood side table

This project is more of a success story than a step-by-step tutorial because I can’t claim the idea as my own. I found this DIY over at Design Sponge ages ago and have kept it in the back of my mind since. I’ve been building and selling custom reclaimed headboards for a few months now and use one in my own bedroom, so when coming up with something to match it, I was reminded of this design. Of course working with reclaimed, found wood instead of the new lumber called for making some changes in the measurements. But with a few tweaks, everything came together.

I decided to make a few of the crucial drawer pieces out of newer wood to ensure that it would open smoothly. Everything else, however, is recycled wood to match the rustic look of our headboard. I’m really pleased with how the contrast of woods came out and its simple design is so complementary in style.

And I really couldn’t resist snapping this photo when our cat came up to investigate. I think we’re all really excited about the outcome.


14 thoughts on “diy reclaimed wood side table

  1. Since you mentioned that it matches the headboard, I’m curious to see the two next to each other and pictures of it in the room. Thank you for sharing, what a lovely side table!

  2. Oh wow, that’s really lovely! I just built some side tables out of reclaimed wood (pallets), but you’re making me wish mine had drawers. Great work!

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