surprise junk yard sale

Last week, my boyfriend mentioned to me that he noticed a church sale going on a block from our apartment that looked interesting and we made a mental note to try to catch it again. We found out that they’re open quite often and walked on over yesterday. Lined up along the sidewalk was all of their nicer/clean furniture, but after we perused those the owner cheerfully told us to check out the “inside” which was actually outside. And actually a junk yard!

Some piles of things were worth sorting through though — the place was full of old furniture begging to be refurbished and architectural salvage that I can’t wait to use in future projects. And I definitely daydreamed about the rare chance that the old orange van was in working road-trip condition. This place was wild.

We only walked away with this rug for now, but we’ll be back. And anyway, isn’t it great? It cost us just a few dollars and we love the colors. It’s hand-woven wool and surprisingly clean. And okay, okay. Gratuitous picture of my cat? Maybe, but just look! He went absolutely nuts when we first laid it out.

What are some of your favorite unexpected shopping experiences?


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