vintage style: tied up top

Top: Vintage // Shorts: Forever21 // Belt: Thrifted // Shoes: Dansko

I promise I don’t always dress in this tiny-shorts-tiny-top formula, but it seems with the weather lately, it really is all I can bear. The temperatures rose to 100 when I wore this! I am really tempted to slap a few frowning emoticons into this post because this kind of heat really makes me miserable, but now that I’m inside and safe and looking at these pictures, I’ll refrain. Besides, I’m totally thrilled otherwise. Especially because this top just came in the mail for me! I’m a serious repeat customer of Capricious Traveler on Etsy because their shop is always stocked with the best vintage clothes. And because there’s really nothing better than a good mail day.

There is so much to love about this shirt: muscle tee style sleeves, plaid in the cutest colors, the sweet tie in front. But best of all, the fabric is so light and stretchy. It’s great for the heat. I often tie up my other vintage button down tops for a more cropped look, but this top gives me all of the charm of doing that without all of the bulk. It’s a happy addition to my closet and just in time for summer.

Tomorrow we’re taking a quick road trip to Connecticut for work, but hope to find a few thrift and antique shops to check out while we’re there. Any recommendations, readers? Hopefully we’ll be back on Monday with some interesting finds!


One thought on “vintage style: tied up top

  1. found your blog from SS, i’m loving it! i don’t blame the teeny top and teeny shorts uniform cause it’s way to hot to function right now. love the lace shorts!

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