home additions

You guys get to see a lot of the things I’ve thrifted for the shop, but not much of what I decide to keep for myself. We’ve been adding a few things here and there to our decor, and thought I’d show you a little of those new additions. We found this lamp in our neighborhood thrift store for $8 and were so happy to finally replace our old, wobbly IKEA floor lamp. This fits our aesthetic much more and certainly has more charm than the last.

And of course, this is the rug we scored at the church/junk yard sale that I posted about recently. Since we already have nice hardwood floors and enough rugs down at the moment, we decided to hang it in our hallway. I think I’m really enjoying its stay there.

Because of our shop and our affinity for thrifting, our home decor is constantly shifting and being rearranged. We like to swap out some of our old belongings for new/old additions and keep things fresh. It seems, like everything else, the season change is begging for change elsewhere, and I’m just itching to redecorate our little apartment a bit. Perhaps it’ll happen and we’ll have some before and after photos to share!


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