over the weekend

I have to admit that I don’t have much to update you on in regards to my weekend. And apparently not many Instagram photos to include to make up for my lack of content (though these roses came from a walk around my beautiful neighborhood, which I hope to post about this week). But as I sit here enjoying my coffee and delicious breakfast, I thought I’d at least stop in to talk about things I am looking forward to. This weekend and many weekends past haven’t been much of a break for me from work — I just can’t seem to stop working on something. It’s a good thing I’ve scheduled a couple of quick getaways for myself in the coming weeks though!

Next week, my boyfriend and I are meeting up with a couple of our favorite friends to spend a couple days at the beach! Finally! I’m so excited to finally swim after living through this heatwave without a drop of relief in the way of large bodies of water. I just picked up a new bikini top and am all ready to slather myself in sunscreen and not think about anything else. I hear there may be thunderstorms in store, but I choose to will the weather into cooperating with my anticipation for sun.

The following week, we’re headed to DC to spend the weekend with my best friend, and of course visit every museum we can. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate for us while at the beach, I sure hope it will for an afternoon by the pool while we’re there.

And if nothing else, I can always be excited by the next opportunity to cook up something delicious. Since I have all of these photos and no recipe to share, I’ll leave you with a few of the things I’ve been eating and loving lately.

Those first two photos are recipes I’ve made from Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats, which I recently posted about receiving in the mail. A greek salad with vegan “feta” cheese and mushroom and asparagus tacos (which my boyfriend claimed were the best vegan tacos he’s EVER had), respectively. Those two recipes alone are reason enough to grab your own copy, which says a lot about the rest of the recipes inside. Yum! And of course there’s nothing like a homemade strawberry-rhubarb crumble pie in the summer.

I’d love to hear about things you’re looking forward to this week, or month! Big or small — share what’s keeping you going this Monday.


3 thoughts on “over the weekend

  1. Hope you have a great time at the beach! I live in Florida and try to visit Clearwater and St. Pete beach as much as possible! :)
    Love travelling to DC also! :) Sounds like you have some fun weekends ahead!!

    Just started following you! :) Not even sure how I found your blog, lol but glad I did. :)

    Fabulously Vintage

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