shop feature: hanging planters

Hanging planters have been popping up all over home decor shops and DIY blogs lately, and for good reason. They elevate (literally) your indoor plant decor with such sophistication and style, and for us pet owners, they keep our plants safe. I have a few hanging plants myself, but find myself wanting to add to my collection, and especially add more of different sizes. Isn’t the above absolutely stunning? Score and Solder have a variety of hanging pieces that I’d just love to get my hands on when I have the money, but until then, here are some others that I’m loving — and a couple from my own shop that are available for sale now!

I do have a serious love for macramé and all of the beautiful tutorials out there that come up with variations on that great 70s resurgence of the art, but for now, I’m really digging these simple plant holders. I hope you’ll like our vintage alternatives in the shop!

Vintage Hammered Brass Hanging Planter — $26

Vintage Ceramic Hanging Planter — $32


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