vintage style: sundresses

With a timely reprieve from the heatwave, I’ve got dresses on the mind! I finally feel okay about adding a bit more fabric to my outfits (though who knows how long that will last) now that the temperatures have dropped slightly, and I can definitely say I’m so grateful. Over the cooler months, I was prepping my closet with tons of vintage sundresses for the summer and it feels like somehow we skipped right to scorching hot days that weren’t appropriate for the dresses I had in mind. I’m so glad to get some use out of them now though. Isn’t this one just sweet?

For years, I’ve been avoiding dress lengths like this because of my height — a whopping 5′ 1″ — but have finally embraced them! I suppose the trend has influenced me a bit but I’m really glad that midi and maxi lengths have become so popular; otherwise I might not have ever given them a shot. These heels help some as well, but I think I’ve come to terms with longer lengths on my short frame. It certainly adds a bit of comfort that is always welcome.

Speaking of these heels — killer, right? These are by far my favorite shoes that I own and I wear them at any opportunity. The cut-out wood heels and soft brown, woven leather is all I could ask for in a shoe.

For now, I’m gonna swap them out for a pair of flat sandals though as I head out for an afternoon of snapping photos of my beautiful neighborhood. Be on the look out!


6 thoughts on “vintage style: sundresses

  1. you’re sooo adorable! Found you through OSL vintage today and I can’t wait to see new posts :)
    Check out my blog and follow back on bloglovin if you’d like!
    Drey –

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