vintage picnic roundup

1. Mod Yellow Plastic Plate & Bowl Set // 2. Mid-Century Picnic Tumblers // 3. Rainbow Plaid Picnic Blanket // 4. Pink Linen Napkin Set // 5. Vintage Wooden Picnic Forks  // 6. Vintage Wicker Picnic Basket // 7. Barbecues and Picnics Recipe Book

1. Vintage Yellow and White Shift Dress // 2. Travel Cake Carrier // 3. Retro Burlap Picnic Dessert Glasses // 4. Mid-Century Aqua and White Ice Bucket // 5. Vintage Orange 1970s Thermos

With summer being halfway over, I’m just dying to get out there and take advantage of the weather — and what better way than to gather up some friends and some adorable vintage picnic gear! I’m almost positive that with a set similar to this, I would picnic way more often. And of course this would be no roundup of mine without the perfect yellow dress to wear while sharing good food and drinks in the sun.

Do any of you have any vintage picnic gear you can’t live without?


4 thoughts on “vintage picnic roundup

  1. So cute! I don’t picnic much, but I do drink on my deck.
    I love my tom collins glasses, which I have been lucky enough to find in the same print at different thrift stores across the country

  2. Love those burlap dessert glasses and the dress. I just found your blog and I absolutely adore your style and your shop! You remind me a little of lindsey lohan or emma stone but prettier and with an amazing vintage style. Definitely following you! :)

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