washington, dc

It’s been quiet over here for the past few days because my boyfriend and I took a little trip to Washington, DC to visit a good friend and to feed our museum-going appetites. I have tons of fancy photos of all the extremely touristy things you’d see in DC but I figured I might spare you since I’m sure they look mighty similar to shots you’ve all already seen. Instead, here’s a glimpse at some of the non-fancy photos I took (and a couple my friend took) that are a little more exciting.

We spent a lot of time walking and eating, which turned out to be a great combination because there are lots of really long walks to take in order to sight-see and lots of sort-of unhealthy food that I was desperate to try after fatiguing ourselves with walking. I’m especially glad to have finally gotten to go to Sticky Fingers, which I’ve heard so much about through the vegan grapevine. It did not disappoint, and after I finished my lunch I immediately got up to order a cupcake for later and a breakfast sandwich for much later (the next morning). And speaking of sweets, this trip made me realize that those popular build-your-own frozen yogurt places often serve nondairy options, so of course I gorged on a huge serving of mango and watermelon sorbet topped with practically everything. Food Heaven, I miss you.

So now I’m back in Philly with a lingering belly ache but I’m sort of just letting it wash over with the rest of my post-vacation blues ;) Though I’m otherwise pretty happy to be home, with my cat, and to get back to work on our shop! It’s time for an update, and that means it’s also time to shop, hehe. That’ll surely take the edge off.

P.S. Thanks for voting in last week’s Craft Wars! I think there’s still time to vote if you haven’t already.


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