vintage book design

For our trip to Washington, DC earlier this week, we had a semi-long bus ride to get ourselves there and to prepare myself (and to give myself the final push I needed in a long-standing struggle) I finally broke down and bought myself an e-Reader. As a former Literature Major and former employee of a rare books library, the switch from physical book to these digital readers has been sort of painful for me. Although admittedly, my love of physical books has mostly stemmed from vintage books, and occasionally books which I had accidentally spilled a ton of liquid on and subsequently kind of felt like a vintage book. So when our bookshelves at home had officially reached their capacity, I decided that at least until I could afford an apartment/home with its own library, I would take a break from buying new books and focus only on reading on the e-Reader, and from time-to-time, collecting really beautiful old books or magazines. Which in actuality fits right in with my silly need to have everything I own be the most beautiful or most vintage version I can find.

Truthfully, I think the e-Reader has sparked some great reading bug in me, which I have neglected for too long, and I think it may even be helping me read faster and more often. It’s just so damned convenient. But don’t worry, books, I’ll still be right here as one your weird page-smelling fans, only now I’m actually going to be judging you by your cover if you stand a chance at making it onto my shelves. Just look at some of these examples I’ve been ruthlessly hunting for online!

As it turns out, I could look at these for hours (and did), so I’m thinking about turning this into a more regular post feature. Are there any books you love purely for their cover design? Alternatively, are there any books you think I should be reading regardless of their covers?


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