inspiration notebooks

After buying myself those new notebooks recently and thinking about posting some vintage book content, I was reminded of the notebooks I often keep that become a sort of scrapbook of inspiration. Nowadays a lot of my inspiration “boards” have become digital but digging through some of my old books have inspired me to revisit this more tangible method. I’ve always been inspired by vintage paper ephemera and I love incorporating some of that into my notebooks (as well as my collages) so I thought sharing might be appropriately on-topic.

These are obviously pretty old (2009? Where does the time fly?) but I love that there is a real tone to this notebook, both in color and in emotion. There was a lot more added to these pages since I have scanned this particular book, but as you can see, I reserve these types of notebooks for doodles and scraps of things I love. Approaching them this way makes them a lot less intimidating to me than the blank lines of a notebook just waiting to be filled up with text — though I do keep those as well. The nerd in me finds it so fun and relaxing to create these, and I do believe this is exactly how I got into binding my own books!

I can’t wait to get started on a new book now, and have tons of great vintage material to use just waiting for me at my desk. Perhaps I’ll share more soon?

Does anyone else like to keep notebooks as inspiration boards? I’d love to peak inside!


3 thoughts on “inspiration notebooks

  1. If I wasn’t so afraid of writing, drawing on a new notebook I am sure I would have a very cool scrapbook. I love notebooks but sometimes I wait for a special occasion to use them because they are too cute to have anything inside. silly, I know. So what I do is, I use loose A4 paper and then I end up losing all of them…. mmmm after writing this I am thinking: I am so stupid, I think I will start using one of my precious notebooks today!

    Sorry for the long text wasn’t planning on writing so much here hehehehe :)

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