art deco inspired diy

Every morning I pack up a tote back with my coffee and breakfast, any small packages to be mailed that day and something to read. But lately I’ve been itching to buy a new fashionable bag to stand in for some of my old, ugly totes. There’s nothing wrong with them per se but I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I can go a little crazy with my binge-shopping moods. Somehow I resisted the urge and tried to make the best of a fine situation. Enter: this super easy project that really requires no instruction despite me making a whole post to do so.

Gather your materials — you’ll need a canvas tote bag, fabric paint, paintbrushes, a pencil and any objects you may want to use for tracing.

I knew I wanted to come up with some kind of art deco inspired design and thought using this plywood circle I had around (yes, I just have this around…) would help make things easier. As you’ll see later I’m no good with straight lines so why I chose to do this mostly free-hand, I don’t know but we’ll say it adds charm. Lightly trace your design on your tote with a pencil.

Feel free to do a better job at this than I did ;)

Carefully with your paintbrush fill in your design with a thin layer of your fabric paint! Fabric paint dries fairly quickly and this will probably be ready to handle after a couple of hours, but I recommend letting it dry overnight just to be safe.

Not bad for a quick craft project on the fly, huh? I’m already thinking up more fun graphic patterns to use on some of my other totes that may conveniently cover up any old coffee stains (don’t worry — I’ve since splurged on a serious thermos). I can’t get enough of art deco patterns and designs lately so I think this upgraded tote will satiate my shopping thirst, for now.


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