roundup for rainy days

1. Blue and White Vintage Rainclouds Mug // 2. Vintage Yellow Hermes Rain Coat // 3. Black Tall Rain Boots //4. Blue Plaid Umbrella with Lucite Handle

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and rain hitting my windows. There’s something so simultaneously sad and soothing about weather like this that I just love. The sun has since come out and the skies are clear but I still feel like spending the day like I would were it still raining like crazy. Getting cozy with a good book, listening to records, drinking coffee. It’s lucky I have little responsibilities today to afford myself this kind of laziness ;) But this morning’s weather did remind me that I have little in the way of rain gear! And guess what other kind of activity I like to do when it’s rainy?

1. Vintage 60’s Umbrella with Paisley Print // 2. Vintage Coral Colored Trench Coat // 3. Brown Vintage Rainboots with Leather-like Details // 4. Rainy Day Vintage Book Collection

Tomorrow I have tons of work to do for the shop and furniture orders, but until then, it’s time to shop from bed. Happy Monday, everyone! This week we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled posting and shop updates, so stay tuned!


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