over the weekend


This weekend was exactly the kind of relaxing, indulgent weekend that our little family needed. Putting our workload on hold can be a challenge for us in many ways — especially lately. Usually, we turn any free moment into an opportunity to expand or improve our business. But this weekend, I think what we needed was to take a break from everything to get a fresh perspective. Of course, I did still work, but at least gave myself an entire day off. We spent our time browsing flea markets, going out to dinner, going on walks and cooking delicious meals. And as much as I want to do it all over again today, I am actually looking forward to getting back to work on some of our furniture projects.

Is anyone else enjoying the beautiful weather lately? Yesterday and today’s temperatures hit the 70’s and it’s all I need to make up for such rainy, humid weather otherwise. Yesterday we opened up all of our windows and enjoyed the breeze. Then after taking our time with breakfast and coffee, we couldn’t help but head outdoors to get the full effect. It was so nice to walk aimlessly and enjoy the scenery — I hope to make time for more walks just as soon as the temperatures are sure to stay this low. The best part was being able to wear something other than a tank top, and since we haven’t had one in awhile, stay tuned for an outfit post tomorrow!


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