style post: vintage accessories

Please please pleaseee say this weather is for keeps! I’m so thrilled to wear sleeves and scarves, even if they are less flattering or on my head ;) But I do love cool weather most for the chance to wear more of my favorite accessories. In the heat, I tend to go super simple, but actually I just love wearing shorts, a lightweight sweater and heaps of my favorite jewelry.

The scarf that I’m wearing used to belong to my boyfriend’s grandmother. After she passed, Adam was able to save a few of her things — including more jewelry and a ton of bakeware — which I am so happy to have and share in her memory. I often wear jewelry that I’ve thrifted and wonder about its history, so it’s just all the sweeter to actually know and to have some idea of the wonderful (and stylish, I might add) woman who used to own them.

Tomorrow we hope to share a bit more about our family heirlooms and tracing our history through our belongings. We’d love to hear any stories you may have as well!


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