style post: vintage accessories, part 2

The other day, a surprise ceiling leak left us scrambling to take down some exposed vintage (reproductions though, don’t worry) family photographs that were hanging like garland above our kitchen table. Among some of the photos we saved, Adam’s eye was caught by one in particular. The photo showed his Uncle Stewart, grandparents Hi and Ann, and his mother, Rona. Everyone is dressed up in their best 1960’s fashions and looking beautiful. But while I’m staring at his mother’s dress and fantastic hairstyle, Adam notices that his grandfather is wearing the very ring that he now keeps by his nightstand.

Neither of us really needed any proof that this was in fact his grandfather’s or that it is a genuine silver military ring given to him for his service in WWII, but the photo still holds some neat record of history and ownership that is so special with vintage pieces. Perhaps episode after endless episode of Antiques Roadshow has left an impression on me with it’s emphasis on provenance? In any case, we were so happy to see the heirloom have its history traced through the photos we display proudly in our kitchen.


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