reclaimed wood dresser

Most of you are probably already familiar with the reclaimed wood headboards that are custom-made and available for purchase in the shop, and many of you may remember the matching side table we created a few months ago. But THIS. Well, this is a truer labor of love for us. It’s taken us a lot of careful planning and months of searching for great wood, trial and error, sanding, nailing, sawing, re-sanding, re-nailing, some frustration, some more thoughts of hopelessness, and many many hours in our dark little basement workshop. Still, we finished! And we just love how it turned out. It’s already in it’s new home somewhere in beautiful Connecticut and we were sure sad to see it  go, but even happier that it will be well-loved and appreciated in a now-complete bedroom set.

The goal is to eventually get this design down and offer these (and the side tables) in our custom-made furniture section of our shop, alongside the headboards. For now, we’ll need to sort some of the details out first — but if we seem to have a good response to them, we’ll certainly have to make them available to our wonderful customers!

I’m still without my own computer at the moment, but just had to borrow my boyfriend’s for a moment to share the final photos with you all. If I can keep it for just a little longer, there will also be a vintage shop update later as well to look out for. But hopefully we’ll get back to our usual posting schedule soon. In the meantime, do tell us what you think of our new furniture project!


3 thoughts on “reclaimed wood dresser

  1. Love the idea! I have been looking at some reclaiming pallets ideas, but this is a new one! While dismembering pallets is a labor of love; they make some awesome furniture. I know you said you tried this one out several ways, but I have an idea you may not have thought of :) instead of using 1X2s as the rail using a 1X6… sturdier and less work. I don’t know just a thought :)

  2. I could really use your help with this. I am taking on a project for my local nonprofit company, St Vincent de Pauls, that helps transient and individuals of need transition back into jobs and homes. I have been asked to make affordale dressers for them to buy ($25) that can be make quickly and be strong and long lasting. I have seen the option of stacking pallets together to creatve wholes, though its cute for a person who is looking for that option, it doesn’t seem right. I would like something more like the dresser you have made, something that looks like a “real” piece of furnature that they can be proud of. I know you sell and create these for income so I know Im asking a lot, but if you would be willing to share the process and instructions of puting this together I would greatly apprecite it. I appreciate any help you can give. thank you

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