all natural beauty products

With the holiday season upon us, many of us are creating wishlists and planning what to gift our loved ones. I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite all natural, vegan beauty products that might be of some use to you as you approach all of the gift-giving opportunities ahead. Perhaps a few of your vegan friends and family would be extra appreciative of the products here, but really, all of them stand out as great products for anyone who enjoys a little pampering from time to time.

Sweet Anthem Perfumes is a Seattle based company that has an extensive online shop which includes 5 different scent collections (I can’t wait to try their new Wintertiming line) in eau de parfum, oil and solid options. If you have a hard time choosing — I always do — they also offer sample and gift sets that would be perfect for the holidays or finding your signature scent. So far I have tried and LOVED Madeline, Caroline and Phoebe. If you’re really feeling fancy, they can also come up with a custom scentfor you based on your note preferences! I can’t explain it, but I swear I could just browse this site reading every scent description. They just sound that good! Based on the quality of my current oils, I feel pretty confident that any that you choose will be phenomenal. Truly worth checking out and sharing with your pals. Ranges from $8.50-$32.00 depending on size and type

Schmidt’s is a recent discovery of mine, and I have to say I’m extremely impressed. In my years of searching for the best natural deodorant, I’m sure I’ve grossed out more than a few people with my smelly pits. But I think the search may be over. Schmidt’s offers these great solid deodorants in three scents (or y’know, two scents and one non-scent). I’m currently using the Cedarwood+Juniper variety and loving it. The jarred, solid deodorant means you really have to get personal with the application, so you have to be a little willing here. Rubbing a pea sized amount of this stuff into your armpit really goes a long way though. Schmidt’s tells us what we should be looking for in a deodorant: “That it keep us free of odor, that it keep us dry, and that it respect our body in the process.” This product certainly does that, and I’m happy and relieved to recognize everything in the ingredient list. $8.00 per jar.

Madison Street Beauty is an online Etsy shop that offers mineral makeup at seriously low prices. I love and use their foundation (anyone out there looking for a super pale shade, Vanilla works for me), setting powder and highlighter. They also offer eye shadows in just about every shade imaginable. For me, this stuff works just as good, if not better, than the mineral makeups out there that cost a fortune and include irritating ingredients. At Madison Street Beauty, you can be sure you’re getting an all natural product with full coverage and great lasting power. I know it can be tough to choose a shade over the internet, but again check out the sample options! The other great thing about this shop is that there are literally huge sales c o n s t a n t l y. Everytime I’ve placed an order, I’ve gotten at least 40% off. Often times it’s 60%. So check back often and stock up when you see the sales. The large jars of foundation can last you several months and cost about $5 during the sales! Don’t forget that Etsy offers gift cards now if you don’t know which shade to choose as a gift. For anyone who’s worried: the foundations have a bit of shimmer to the product but actually produce a very matte finish on the skin.

Hurraw! might not be a secret to many of you these days (I hear these are available for sale at American Apparel), but I had to include them in this roundup. I love the consistency of this lip balm and the variety of flavors they offer. Everything applies super smoothly and lasts for a decent amount of time. I’m also a huge fan of the tinted options that give you a great subtle red lip when you need it. I’ve tried the Black Cherry, Almond, Chai Spice, Mint and Coconut varieties and loved them all. I can’t wait to check out their new Night Treatment balm as well! The company boasts being all natural, vegan and made from premium raw, organic and fair trade ingredients which are all things I love to support. I’ve gotten these as stocking stuffers before, so I can tell you with confidence that these are just the thing for that ;) $3.79 per tube.

Now, obviously I can’t say I’ve used these products myself but my boyfriend has! Wild Rose Herbs is a great little shop that offers many gift options for any of the bearded and/or mustachioed men in your life. Last year I ordered my boyfriend the beard conditioning oil (for $12) in the original scent and he loved it! Even better, I loved the way it made him smell. It’s a wonderful mix of woody scents and a citrusy lime accent — really, trust me, it’s fantastic. The shop also offers washes, waxes and creams with several gift set options as well. These handmade products are certainly worth supporting and perfect for gifts (since all of the men in my life would never splurge on something like this unless I do it for them, no matter how much they love it in the end). Like many of the other products I’ve shared today, Wild Rose is another that sells sample sizes as well if you’re looking to try something before committing to the full size. Anyone got any tattooed friends? Wild Rose also makes a great tattoo aftercare product I’d like to try as well.

Anyone else have any all natural or vegan products they swear by? Please share!


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