accessorizing for winter


Are there any items in your closet that you tuck away for the winter because you’ve just never quite figured out how to accessorize it for colder weather? This dress has been in my closet for about a year now, but I’ve only ever worn it in warmer weather, which means that lately it’s just been looking sad and lonely hanging up in the back of my closet. Ever since I saw this beauty on Ginger Root Vintage, I knew I had to have it. It was even the dress I chose to wear for my birthday celebration last year! So needless to say, I really really love this dress. And am now determined to find a way to make it work as winter-wear.

Photo 616

In the summer, I just threw on my favorite braided belt and a pretty gold necklace with some open-toed heels and called it a day. But now that it’s getting warmer I’m thinking it’s time for a nice wool hat, interesting sunglasses, a dangling earring and of course some thick winter (fleece-lined!) tights and ankle boots.

I’m absolutely loving this beautiful wool hat from Ocean Swept! The contrast of the tan felted wool and the braided leather at the base would look perfect with my dress, and I just cannot get enough of wool hats in the cooler months.


These great little sunglasses from Allen Company are no longer available and it truly makes me want to weep, BUT this shop is amazing (as you’ll later see) and I’m hopeful that another cool pair will pop up in the future. I love the way a pair of sunglasses with a unique shape can help add some edge to the softer silhouette of a full skirted dress.


A got a pair of great earrings from Moorea Seal for Christmas and I was so impressed that I’m thinking about now buying another pair (with the discount they gave out for first time buyers — how sweet!). This pair would add some great charm to a wintertime version of the outfit I’ve always loved, and the natural stone compliments the overall tones well.

boots 2

Now these babies! These gorgeousss ankle boots are already mine! My wonderful mother bought them for me recently as a gift (which I may or may not have hinted at/begged for) and they’re a new favorite for sure. These are another great item from Allen Company, and I’ve got to tell you guys: I’m their biggest fan. Their shop is just full of great items like these boots and I often find myself checking their shop every Monday for new items. Already owning this great pair of boots has me on the right path to accessorizing for warmth.


And of course, you need a great wool coat to throw on top when you’re trekking outside for any amount of time. Dear Golden always delivers when it comes to beautiful vintage clothes, but I have no words for how stunning this coat is. I’d love to own it in some alternate reality where I could afford it, but until then I will certainly ogle it from afar. How wonderful would that blue look with the rest of my dream outfit here? Very wonderful. Trust me.

What do you all think? What are your favorite ways to winterize an otherwise warm-weather item?


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