vintage kilim rugs

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One of the biggest challenges of decorating our studio to become a showroom for our shop is making it a warm, inviting room. With its open ceilings and concrete floors, we’ve had to get a little creative in our attempts to keep everything vintage. And since both Adam and I have long loved kilim rugs, we’ve been considering one as an option to liven up our floors. In our current apartment we have several of these kilim covered pillows around, but as lovely as they are, I’m excited to get a larger and hopefully brighter rug version. There’s a great dealer who’s always set up at one of our favorite flea markets, so I’m trying to hold out for a warm Sunday to take the trip out and look at his pieces. But in the meantime, I can’t help digging through the thousands of options online.

Of course, these beautiful rugs can cost a seriously pretty penny so it may be for the best that I’m only browsing Etsy for them at the moment. We seem to have no shortage of gorgeous runners in our possession, like the one hanging in our hall and a great Persian runner that’s already made a home in our studio. It’s the larger area rugs that will make the best impression on our guests and the largest impact on our wallets. Time to get saving!


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