kilim rug update

Remember this post a few months ago? We’d been looking for a nice rug for our studio/showroom and luckily found one not too long after we made the post! If you’re a Facebook follower of ours, you may have seen this already but I wanted to make an official update to all of our blog followers as well. I’ve taken and accidentally deleted photos of the whole studio several times (really? how?) so I still have that task ahead of me (again), but until I can share the whole room I think this piece of the puzzle is a real good one. We got a great deal on this beauty and the combination of orange and pink/faded red is a favorite of both ours! This is a dream and really pulls together the wide range of decor elements we have going on in the showroom.


I’m so happy with it and find it cheers up the room really well — so much so that every time I go over there to work, I’m instantly excited to spend time there. Every bit of motivation to work helps…


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