vintage summer essentials: bathing suits

It’s coming up on my first and probably only beach trip of the year, and of course that means I can’t stop looking a cute suits! It would be kind of silly for me to buy another one considering how infrequently I get to use them, but I’m still having to fight real hard not to. I love the look and fit of boldly printed 1950s and 1960s swimsuits, and I’m betting you will love these too.


1. Tom Brigance 1960s One Piece Swimsuit // 2. 1940s Floral Applique One Piece Swimsuit // 3. 1960s Mod  Green and Blue Striped Swimsuit // 4. 1960s Two Piece Boy Short Yellow Swimsuit // 5. 1960s Mod High Waisted Bikini

How spectacular is this bikini? It’s too bad that this beach trip is still weeks away. I’m ready nowww!


2 thoughts on “vintage summer essentials: bathing suits

  1. I’m in the same boat-I love vintage swimsuits & wish I could hoard them all, but somehow I manage to resist! #1 is my favorite, the print is great!

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