end of summer style

Top: Vintage (gifted to me) // Cut off shorts: Vintage (Noir Ohio Vtg) // Sandals: Dansko // Bracelet & Earrings: Vintage // Bag: Vintage (and available to buy here)

Over the last week or so, Philadelphia has seen a few incredibly beautiful glimpses of fall and the just-right weather for my favorite Shorts With a Light Sweater look. And I got spoiled. I’ve been wearing long denim skinny jeans and eyeing up sweaters at different shops — I’ve been absolutely relishing in these mid 70s. But guess what, guys? It’s still August! And the universe wanted to remind me of that. So today I woke up to mid 80s and thick, gross humidity. I picked today of all days to do a massive amount of laundry and lugging everything down the street a whole three blocks had me sticky with sweat (and also got this pretty silk top pretty wrinkled — oops). I was miserable.

But now that I’m back home and in bed with clean sheets, I’m gonna pretend that I used the heat as a good opportunity to get a few last barely-there summer looks in ;) I just got these vintage cut off shorts a couple weeks ago from Noir Ohio (seriously such a great shop!) and, if nothing else, I’m happy to get some more wear out of them before the weather completely cools.

I have an impressive stash of vintage tops like this that are slightly cropped and really boxy, and honestly don’t look that great on me. But I keep buying them? Sometimes they look cool tucked in, but they mostly just have a cool print or design that I can’t resist. I should probably stop.  But today I thought, is summer the only time I can pull off tye dye? Probably! So here we are, and this is what I wore today.

I took these photos while at my studio today, and I have to tell you: I have not yet mastered the art of taking photos of myself, even with a timer and a tripod. I’m really looking forward to Adam coming home next week so I can go back to making him do it for me. I miss him for a lot of other reasons too, but that one is really standing out for me right now. Also, I see now that I really need a haircut. Anyone want to tell me what I should do with it?


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