vintage military skirt styling

Top: Zara // Skirt: Brown Cow Vintage // Sandals: Dansko // Hat: Vintage // Rings: Vintage + Moorea Seal // Sunglasses: Warby Parker

Adam is back from his tour, which not only means that we can get back to these better quality outfit photos, but also means that there are lots of great things on the horizon for Black Oak Vintage. And also that I couldn’t be happier! We’re both excited to get back to normal day-to-day living in our tiny apartment together, pampering our cat together, and working on our shops together. We spent the whole afternoon going through our studio projects and getting organized (one of my favorite ways to kick off the fall season) so that we can start them right away. I’ve even made it one of my personal resolutions to take more photos (at least one a day), so hopefully you’ll get to see some of that work as it’s happening.

And I guess in another attempt to get a fresh start, I also decided to dye my hair. I’m still unsure about leaving my redheaded days behind (though I’m sure there will be more in my future), but I think the majority of my uneasiness is based on seeing my hair completely straight from the blowout I got at the salon. I haven’t seen my hair this straight since high school and I’m having a hard time recognizing myself. But I’m excited to see it when it’s back to its natural texture — the dark ombre is really beautiful under the right light.

I got this military inspired vintage skirt from BCV pretty recently, and I was just blown away by their incredible customer service. I was feeling unsure about how it would fit me but was dying to have it, so I decided to send a message to the owner to find out more. Maggie got back to me right away and was kind enough to provide me with references and measurements to ensure I’d be a good match and was super sweet about doing the extra work for me. She even made sure to direct to me to a coupon code for the purchase! On top of that, once I bought it, the skirt arrived to me with lightning speed. And though it is slightly too big in the hips for me (I knew it would be; it’s worth it), I’m thrilled with it and my experience with Maggie’s shop. It’s things like this that remind me of why I love being a small business owner and a supporter of other small business owners.


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