living room update

So, before you comment on how you like the ‘before’ better than the ‘after’ here, please keep in mind that this isn’t a final after shot — this is one quick update we’ve made in the larger scheme of a living room update. As cute as that old couch was, it was time for it to be retired from our tiny apartment for a number of reasons: 1) It was too long for such a small space, 2) My cat, several wine spills and years of wear have dulled the life from it, 3) I bought this couch with an old roommate who turned out to be not a very nice person (who still owes me something like $800). And while on a work trip yesterday, as we were packing up to leave, I spotted this littler guy out back! He has a lot of spunk, cool modern lines and a sweet kilim style pattern. Also of note: IT COST $40! How can you say no?

It clearly has a lot going on and it’s incredibly comfy. I’m really happy that we picked it up, but along with the completely new look it offers us, there also comes lots of new design problems. Of course it’s much shorter than our old couch and now our art looks silly hanging above it (we have a cool vintage Vogue poster we’re thinking of instead…). And now our walnut Mid Century coffee table looks too close in color to the couch itself. Sigh. I’m not lying when I say I stayed up until 2am last night googling the hell out of glass/gold/lucite coffee tables. So far everything I want is out of my price range.

How perfect would this look? I have nowhere near $2,200 to spend on this or any other coffee table (I mean, we are $40 couch kind of people), but this coffee table is haunting my dreams.

We have much more to do before we’ll settle on the new design for our living room with this couch as a new focal point. I’ll keep googling and scouring the thrift stores for something with a mix of Hollywood Regency and Mid Century Modern until I find the perfect white/glass/marble topped coffee table with gold legs. And I guess while I’m at it, I might as well open up another tab for affordable huge wall art options. Any ideas, readers?


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