gift guide: let’s get cozy

Next weekend, our shop is participating in a great holiday event in Philadelphia where we’ll be providing refreshments and selling our usual vintage wares, but also selling loads of vintage holiday decor, cards and gift sets. We’re so excited about some of them that we wanted to share some of our ideas and bundles with you in the next few weeks. We’re sure you’ll find something unique and thoughtful to give to your loved ones this year.

tea time
Most everyone loves a good, cozied up evening — especially in the winter. And this winter, lend your pals the best tools to do it! What’s cozier than a nice cup of hot tea, a good book and a candle? We love how adding touches of vintage to a gift set like this gives it such a beautiful nostalgic feel. We’re constantly adding vintage cups and saucers to our shelves, and any number of them would be the perfect opportunity to gift your favorite blends of tea for an instantly thoughtful present. For an extra special touch, add one of our vintage notebooks or novels to curl up with. And how sweet would the whole thing be all wrapped up with a rosemary scented candle and vintage card? Everything here (even the sweet ornaments!) and variations of it will be available at the holiday sale!

And if you can’t make it to the holiday sale, don’t worry. We’ll still have everything in our online shop as well!

Stay tuned for some more gift ideas on the blog soon.


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