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2018 Guide to Find a Good Vacuum for Sweeping up Hair

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If you or your family has long hair or if you have pets, you know vacuum cleaning around the house is no regular chore! To add to this, the task of buying the right one can be even more confusing. We both know the regular vacuum cleaner does nothing except clog up and create more problems for you. If you are on the lookout for a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to deal with long hair strands around your home, here are a few pointers updating you on all the “buzz words” and the latest market updates for 2018.


The most common problem with vacuum cleaning a surface covered in hair strands is that the brush bar gets tangled up in hair and clogs up your vacuum’s hose. You can easily manage this problem by investing in a good model that comes with self-cleaning brushes. Alternately, you can also use one of those attachments without hair bristles. Keep an eye out for the latest models that feature tangle-free turbine tools.

Neat bin Compartment

Getting a vacuum cleaner with the right bin compartment and hose can solve a lot of your hair entanglement problems. Get yourself one with a dust compartment that opens easily and does not have any of those protruding edges. It may not be nice to look at, but those transparent bins are a better option because you will be able to see whenever there is a problem. The host should also be made from slippery plastic material without any tight bends.

High Suction Power

The WindTunnel Technology has become the latest “buzz word” for 2018. It is designed to pick up pet hair from any surface, be it the stairs or furniture. Before you go thinking you don’t need it because you don’t have pets at home, it also efficiently takes care of long hair. It is also a fan favorite when it comes to finding the best vacuum for long hair. It is based on a no suction loss technology giving you one of the most powerful suctions in the current market.

Cordless and Powered

Loose hair has a tendency to fly all over the place, leaving you with more work because you have to reach into the farthest corners of the house to vacuum out those nasty hair strands. You need a cordless vac to reach into all those nooks and corners, while at the same time you need the back up of a full power battery that can last for a good 15 – 20 minutes. Look out for those vacuum cleaners that also come with dusting brush and crevice tool.


If you live in a big house or a multi-story building, you might want to consider investing in a lightweight model. Since you will need to vacuum clean more often than other households without pets or long hair, getting yourself a lightweight model will go a long way. You will easily transport it from one room to another without getting tired and you will also get enough energy to linger around certain corners of the house to vacuum out every single hair strand.

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