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diy blue denim whale

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diy blue denim whale

Every holiday season, I try my best to get crafty with my gift-giving because I think it adds a special touch of thoughtfulness and care that is important for me to share with my loved ones. I’ve got a couple new little additions to my circle of friends and family recently, and ever since I’ve just loved making my own stuffed animals to give to them as gifts. Last year I made a couple stuffed felt and yarn lamb toys, which I adored, but forgot to take many pictures of. I may have to revisit that idea for another friend soon, so hopefully I can share the process for that with you in the future. But when I saw this amazing DIY whale project, I knew I had to give this idea a whirl. I love that it can be made with material you probably have on hand (maybe it’s just me, but I usually always have a pair of old jeans somewhere) or can be thrifted for just a couple of bucks.

The tutorial on the original site isn’t in English, and although Google Translate tried, I couldn’t really follow any instructions per se. The photos do a pretty good job of giving you an idea of what you’ll need to do though. But with all stuffed animal projects I make, I generally just sketch out some wonky “patterns” and sew things together until something works. Isn’t it adorable? I can’t help but want to make one for myself, and then a whole sea full of friends!

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