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Everything you need to Know about Vacuum Cleaners for Long Hair

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Long hairs are notorious for tangling around the brush bars of vacuum cleaners. Unfortunately, a lot of households deal with long loose hair that falls from the human inhabitants and pets around the house. It is a challenge to keep it from tangling up your vacuum brush bars and keeping it from clogging up the hose. Many households struggle with this problem not knowing that this is a problem that can be easily solved with specially designed vacuum cleaners made for long hair. A good model will not only use a powerful suction force to remove long hair strands from your carpets and floor but also prevent you from replacing your vacuum cleaner because it breaks down frequently. Instead of just blindly buying whatever is popular in the market, you must consider certain factors that will help you identify the best model for you.

Let’s take a look at how to spot a good vacuum cleaner for long hair:


Since you are dealing with long hair strands that will inevitably tangle up whatever brush head it comes in contact with, there is no way you can expect it to stay tangle free without periodical intervention from you. You need specialized accessories that correspond to these kinds of surface areas. Before you make your purchase, stay close attention to the brushes and nozzles that are used in the vacuum cleaner. Find out whether you can replace it from time to time.


Suction power is very important if you deal with long hair strands around the house. Only a vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction force will be able to get hold of every single hair strand from the surface area without getting tangled up in the brush bar. There is no compromising in this feature especially if you have carpet floors.

Cord or Cordless 

Long hair has the most annoying tendency of flying everywhere in the house. Constantly trying to get to those hard-to-reach nooks and corners of the house can be quite daunting. Nobody has the time or the energy for that! Cords can limit your reach. A cordless vacuum cleaner will allow you to move to any part of the house and reach the farthest corners. Also, while you’re at it opt for a better battery power which will make you work longer without needing to recharge it constantly.

Bag or Bagless

The idea of emptying a dirt container may gross you out. It is certainly more economical because you don’t have to keep buying bags on a regular basis. However, the downside to this is that you will have to manually dig the hair out of the dust cap because long hair strands will wind around the inside of the container and you will have to pull it out whether you like it or not. Thanks to innovative technology, there is now bagless cyclone technology that does not clog up the vacuum like the regular vacuum cleaners.


The truth is that each one of us has our own preferences and needs about cleaning our home. Do not be swayed by smart advertising. Keep yourself updated with the “buzz words” and all the latest knowhows. Look into the options, features, tools, etc and decide which vacuum is best for you to handle those nasty long hair strands at home. You can find out more here.

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