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Why Get a Vacuum for Long Hair?

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Shedding Pets

Most people don’t know how much of a hassle it is to have a pet that sheds. And not only that, if they are a hyperactive breed, then you have another thing coming. People who have owned border collies and huskies can relate the most to this sentiment.


Obviously, cleaning up after you pet is quite burdensome if you don’t have the right tools on your hands. A normal old brush can’t do because hairs easily get tangled up in the forest of brush bristles. Even a normal vacuum cleaner will be a big chore to deal with. Nobody wants to be constantly turning their vacuum cleaner over to get that mangled mess of hair from the brush after every two days. On the other hand, you can’t leave it as is because there will be a noticeable dip in the performance of the vacuum cleaner.


The simple solution to the problem is getting a well-performing vacuum for long hair. The main thing you have to keep in mind is the amount of hair you’re going to be cleaning up. Then, depending on that, you can then decide on the capacity of the vacuum cleaner and the suction power. Each of these requirements is directly proportional to the amount of hair you have to clean up.

Long Human Hair

More or less the same problems are faced by people with exceptionally long hair, save for the shedding part. Technically, humans do, shed, but this can be easily managed by watching what you use on your scalp and maintaining proper hygiene. It’s not possible to stop altogether, since it’s a natural process, but once it happens, it would be pretty useful if you knew how to clean up.


Having long hair, and not just your pet, can, in itself, be a blessing and a curse. One one hand, long hair looks glorious, if you’re willing to sacrifice some precious moments of your day over it. On the other hand, long hair can easily become the most high-maintenance part of your body.


It gets to a point a normal brush just doesn’t cut it any more, and the mess hair leaves on your brush is just too much to put up with.  If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t just press a vacuum to your head and have everything done on the go, there are plenty of products to cater for your use case.


Just as when dealing with pet hair, dealing with long human hair can be made manageable by investing in a quality hair vacuum. In this case, the main things to keep in mind are self-cleaning brushes, using scissors to get rid of the lumps of hair or getting a model without the bristles. As you might have guessed though, some of the more specialized models come with a hefty price tag. If you’re on a budget, be sure to double-check the cost before jumping into the investment.

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