Last year after being contacted by Philadelphia’s City Paper about doing a house (or, tiny apartment) tour for their blog, we kicked our love of DIY into high gear. With some basic knowledge of working with wood and power tools, we were able to create a fun headboard for our then-bare bed frame and it was a total hit! Not only were we getting custom orders for others, but we realized just how much we loved getting our hands down to work on these projects. Pretty soon we were branching out and building other types of furniture from scratch, all the while staying true to our vision of sustainability. We love recycling (which is part of why we love vintage too!) and finding everything a purpose, and our wood is no exception. All of our wood is either recycled pallet wood or locally sourced reclaimed lumber in beautiful and sophisticated finishes. With our pieces, you’ll get great, stylish furniture with a story. And most often, we can even tell you when and where our wood was cut down, or what rehab site it came from.

Most of our work is custom, so send us an e-mail with your ideas and we will work together to create the perfect addition to your own home (or, tiny apartment).

Check out what’s available and ready to ship now at Black Oak Handmade online.