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over the weekend 3

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over the weekend

This weekend was the kind that makes you wish it would never end. I worked on Friday and Saturday as usual, but Sunday’s activities made up for my lack of plans otherwise. I started off the morning in my new (old) fruit print dress and made a HUGE (see that enormous mason jar full? yeah) batch of sangria. Then I was out the door to meetup with one of my very favorite friends for a brunch date! It’s been so long since I’ve been out for brunch, which is really quite a shame considering it is possibly the best way ever to spend a Sunday. We split some seriously delicious vegan foods and drank up all of that sangria between us before heading out for some shopping. You can imagine why we had such a great time 😉 I introduced her to the world of Paper Source and splurged on some adorable notebooks and a stamp for my Etsy slips.

After a quick nap refresher at home, we continued the festivities at my boyfriend’s show, which I clearly couldn’t get great shots of on my phone, hehe. But the music was fantastic and I had a blast dancing along to Grandchildren and The Very Best. I have some recovering to do today actually but I just spent the morning making a few different food things to share with the guys of Grandchildren while they listen and go over some new album (!) details. The cooking and baking may have been just therapeutic enough to whip me into shape, so I suppose I should get to work soon.
Hope you all enjoyed your own weekends!

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