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Figuring Out The Best Vacuum For Laminate Floors

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Learn about Vacuums for Laminate Flooring

In stark contrast to commonly held belief, a vacuum which does a brilliant job of cleaning your rugs or carpets may not be the best vacuum for laminate floors. It can be hard to find the best vacuum for laminate floors but with our reviews you can be sure of finding the one your looking for. If you need more tips for the best vacuum for you be sure to check out the whole website.

Hence, to make sure your laminate floors look new, we have selected only those vacuums which were specifically designed to clean bare floors. What’s more, we also know that not everybody can pay over the odds, meaning our selection comprises of competitively-priced cleaners.

Hoover Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Convenience is one thing which the Hoover Hardwood Floor Cleaners offers better than most. Thanks to the folding handle, the unit is very compact for storage – meaning you can store it in a closet full of hang clothes. Also, no matter how many accessories you buy separately, the portable detail kit will fit all of them with ease.

Unlikecheap vacuum cleaners – which ask you to let the floor dry for hours before reusing it, this vacuum sucks up excess water and dry floors without any delay. Hence, you won’t have to wait for hours before setting foot on the floor.

Also, if your laminate floor has hard-to-remove stains– or it undergoes heavy traffic every day, you can use the Clean Boost Control Mode provided by this cleaner to let it apply extra detergent to clear hard-to-remove stains in no time.

Lastly, as you might expect of a vacuum of this quality, it comes with rubber wheels and a furniture guard. So you can use it on a large range of surfaces without a hint of damage.


  • Sucks up excess liquid during cleaning
  • Boost cleaning mode to remove hard stains
  • Has rubber wheels and furniture guard
  • Folding handle means you can store it in small areas


  • The Cleaning head isn’t too wide, meaning it might not work that well on extra-large floors

BISSELL Cross Wave Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuum, 1785A

Ask veteran laminate floor owners, and they might tell you not to use a vacuum on a surface which isn’t properly sealed. However, if you are using this vacuum, its multi-surface machine enables it to be used both on hard sealed surfaces as well as area rugs. Hence, you don’t need to buy separate cleaners.

Moreover, to prevent any dust or dirt from being scattered, this vacuum’s roller brush comes into play. Before picking up dander, it mops the entire surface under its jurisdiction to make sure no debris escapes away to the edges.

Also, if you think water isn’t necessary to clean the hard floor at hand, the on-demand trigger provided on the vacuum’s handle will come to help. Use it, and the vacuum would stop supplying water while cleaning the surface with the same efficacy.

Lastly, thanks to the two-tank technology, the BISSELL Cross Wave Vacuum won’t let dirty and clean water get intermixed. Consequently, you’ll always be getting a fresh supply of water for cleaning purposes.


  • Two tank technology to prevent mixing of clean and dirty water
  • On-demand trigger to control moisture on your command
  • Easy to clean
  • One Vacuum for cleaning large number of surfaces


  • Presence of cord makes maneuvering slightly more difficult

Bissell Cross wave Multi Surface Formula, 32oz Multi Surface Formula

Ultra-expensive, you might want this vacuum if you want a large number of attachments to accompany your cleaner. For, to enable it to clean a large number of surfaces with ease, Bissell has provided this model with an area rug brush roll.

Consequently, whether you want to clean hard floors, low pile carpets or area rugs, you can do that with this vacuum.

Unlike cheap laminate floor cleaners, the Bissell Cross Wave won’t ignore dry debris while cleaning the floor. Rather, thanks to its microfiber-cum-nylon dual action, it will mop while cleaning hard floors, meaning dry debris won’t go unattended.

Most vacuums – even though they provide good cleaning action, leave behind an unbearably soggy scent. However, if you are going to use this model, you’ll, instead, encounter a sweet spring breeze scent. Hence, the money which you’d have otherwise spent on air fresheners will remain in your pocket.

Lastly, like the previous Bissell Cross Wave, this cleaner also has a two-tank technology to keep dirty and clean water separate. Unlike its counterpart, however, the cleaning head of this model is huge, meaning it can be used even on extra-large surfaces.


  • Good width of the cleaning head
  • Leaves behind a Breeze Scent
  • Offers a large number of accessories
  • Has Smart-Touch Controls to let you decide between various modes


  • Ultra-expensive

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum, Iron/Purple

Although we are here to find the best vacuum for laminate floors, this vacuum is as brilliant for cleaning hard floors as it is on carpet, tile and vinyl floors. Put simply, if your house has both carpeted and laminated floors, here is a vacuum which will cater to both.

Howwill it do that, I hear you ask? Say hello to its self-adjusting head. Without requiring any help from your side, its self-adjusting design which makes it adjust to no matter what surface you put it on. It means even if you have laminated and carpeted floors side by side, vacuuming either/both won’t require you to be careful if you are using this model.

Finally, to make sure the dust entrapped by the filter doesn’t come back to haunt you, this vacuum has two unique features. First, thanks to its HEPA filtration system, the allergens are trapped the moment they are sighted. Second, the dust bin would be emptied hygienically with a mere push of a button.

Put simply, if your house has asthma or allergy sufferers – who hate the sight of dust, this vacuum would make sure they remain protected.


  • Huge Suction Power
  • Has Self-adjusting head to clean various surfaces
  • Empties the dust bin hygienically
  • Has a low profile, can go beneath furniture


  • Heavy

Hoover REACT QuickLift Bagless Upright Vacuum UH73300PC

Sometimes, in their quest to leave your floor spotless, vacuums commit the mistake of devouring valuables. This situation, as you might guess, might lead you to panic unless you are using Hoover React Vacuum. For, it has a bagless design, meaning you will see everything that is in the dust bag. So, even if it engulfs any valuable, you’d spot it right away.

Pictured as an upright model on Amazon, you can also detach the canister to use it as a handheld model. It means that if you want to clean laminated floors one moment – and curtains the next, you can clean both using this cleaner.

If you have pets who love to shed hair, the Wind Tunnel Surge Technology of this vacuum is a godsend. By making the vacuum to operate at an above-average speed, this technology optimizes it to capture pet hair.

Finally, as its price tag might suggest, Hoover React wasn’t designed to clean a single floor. That said, it doesn’t use the same self-adjusting head which other models use for cleaning different surfaces.

Rather, it has a floor sense technology which uses micro-sensors to automatically adjust the speed of the brush roll according to the surface type. Therefore, even if you don’t know that the surface has changed, the Hoover React will adjust.


  • Has a FloorSense Technology to clean different surface types
  • Can be used both as a handheld and upright cleaner
  • Also captures Pet Hair
  • Has an accompanying smartphone app


  • When compared with other handheld vacuums, it’s a bit heavier


If you remember, you came here in search of the some of the best vacuums that are for laminate floors. But to give you something extra, we provided you with models which were equally efficient for various surface types. Hence, no matter what the surface is which requires cleaning, these vacuums will come handy.

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