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What Vacuums Are The Best For Long Hair?

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Long Hair Vacuums

Why do I need to find a good vacuum that can pick up long hair? I was asked to answer this question a lot during my search. My answer, irrespective of my mood, was always the same: I’ve pets who shed off tons of hair in my home. However, if you have got other reasons to look for the best vacuum for long hair, don’t get dispirited, as vacuums don’t discriminate. Provided you use the vacuum as per instructions, they would make sure no hair remains on your carpet.

Have doubts?

Let’s take a look at the five best vacuums for hair to decide which one is best for you.

Severin Vacuum Cleaner, Corded

Good Long hair vacuums are hard to come by, but Black Oak Vintage has you coveredComing in an upright model, the Severin Vacuum Cleaner is a mixture of versatility and usefulness. For example, whether you want to clean upholstery, under the furniture or in the crevices, the large number of accessories – which come in the package  – would enable you to do just that.

Similarly, unlike cheap vacuum cleaners, this one won’t require you to manually clean the brush roll after every few minutes. Rather, due to the extra-large suction hose, all of the hair that the vacuum will pick will end up in the dust bag. That means you won’t have to stop every few minutes just to manually clean the brush roll.

Moreover, thanks to its HEPA filtration system, the Severin Vacuum cleaner would eliminate more than 99% of dirt particles from the air being blown out. Hence, if you have asthma or other allergy sufferers in your home, this is the cleaner you need to have.


  • Easy to Use
  • Has an HEPA filtration system
  • Versatile
  • Long hair won’t get stuck in the ultra-large suction hose


  • Is corded, making maneuverability a bit difficult

Panasonic Jet Turn Upright Vacuum w/ Cord Reel

If you don't see a vacuum on Black Oak Vintage you might want to reconsiderCanister upright? This question faces home owners while choosing a vacuum cleaner. Now, if you have a large number of carpets in your house – or have back problems, you need an upright vacuum cleaner. And provided you can afford to spend a bit over the odds, the Jet Turn Upright may well suit your needs.

Suiting those houses which have a large number of carpets, this vacuum – thanks to its automatic carpet adjustment feature, would provide deep cleaning to leave the carper hair-free. However, if your house has bare floors, the soft wheels of this vacuum would make sure that they remain scratch free.

Also, provided you have decided to buy this filter, its Jet Force Technology would make sure you don’t have to clean the filter before every usage. This technology – by forcing the large debris towards the bottom of the cup, makes sure it remains separated from dirt and dander. In this way, the filter requires less maintenance.

Lastly, to make filter cleaning a cinch, Panasonic has provided this model with washable filter and cup. Once you suspect that the filter has accumulated too much dirt, just take it out, put it in a machine and flush out the trapped dirt. No need to get your hands dirty!


  • Has a washable filter and cup
  • Comes with an Air-Turbine brush specially designed for pet hair
  • Lightweight, very easy to maneuver
  • Provides a large number of attachments


  • Isn’t best for stair cleaning

Electrolux EL2081A

The top Long hair vacuums will all be on Black Oak Vintage's pageIt doesn’t matter how long its length is, attaching a cord to a vacuum makes for difficult maneuverability. Thankfully, by offering a rechargeable Li-ion battery with no cord, the Electrolux EL2081A allows you to slalom past furniture with minimum fuss.

Also, while you can use it as an upright model as well, the Electrolux EL2081A offers you the freedom to detach its handheld vacuum. Consequently, while you can use its upright version while cleaning floors, carpets or upholstery, the detached version might come handy while shedding dust of sceneries, ceilings etc.

Also, unlike most best vacuums for stairs on the market, this one features a bagless design. This design provides three advantages. First, since you won’t have to spend any extra money on a replacement bag, in the long run, it means this vacuum has a low running cost.

Second, you’ll be able to see everything that the vacuum is picking up, hence making sure no valuable product is sucked up. Finally, thanks to the visibility, you can easily glance over to check whether the canister is full.


  • 2-in-1, upright-cum-handheld vacuum cleaner
  • The brushroll will self-clean itself with a push of a button
  • Easy to steer
  • Good battery timing


  • Expensive

Bissell Best Carpet Cleaner Machine

Black Oak Village shows you the best long hair vacuums on the marketDo you have old carpets in your home which, thanks to their clumsy fibers, just won’t let go of dirt? If your answer is in the affirmative, you need the Heat Wave Technology provided by this vacuum. This technology would preheat the carpet before cleaning, hence causing the fibers to get loose to make them release dirt with ease.

Also, no matter how much dirt has rented space in your home, the two cleaning modes coming alongside this vacuum will come handy. Of the two, Mode 1 is for deep cleaning action and is to be activated for clearing the toughest of stains. However, if the dirt is relatively benign, activate Mode 2 for quick pick-ups.

Finally, to make sure you spend less time on your cleaning mission, this vacuum cleans on both the forward as well as the backward passes. And while it will wet the carpet before cleaning, the Pro Heat technology would result in faster drying. Hence, the carpet would be available for usage the moment you turn off the cleaner.


  • Best for picking up the most stubborn of dirt particles
  • Offers two cleaning modes
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Its low profile makes it perfect for cleaning under and around furniture


  • Heavy

Panasonic MC-CL485 Bagless “Suction” Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Corded

Black Oak Village has the best long hair vacuums all in one placeSome vacuum manufacturers, in their bid to make the brush effective for cleaning multiple surfaces, equip it with different brushes. While these brushes are effective, changing them requires a lot of time. To save you of the time which you’d have otherwise spent in changing brushes, Panasonic has provided this cleaner with a 3-in-1 surface brush.

That is, whether you want to clean long-hair carpet, nozzle-wood floors or short-hair carpet, all you need to do is to just carry on without changing the brushroll.

Despite the fact that it is corded – which makes this vacuum a bit more difficult to carry out, Panasonic has tried to compensate for this “shortcoming” by providing this model with a curved carrying tip. Consequently, whether you want it to clean under the furniture or over the stairs, moving around this vacuum won’t be that much of a problem.


  • Easy to move around
  • Powerful motor provides good suction
  • 3-in-1 surface brush is great for all surfaces
  • Has a 10’’ cleaning path


  • The length of the cord is only 17ft.


Your search for the best vacuum for long hair ends here. Not only you have at your disposal the top five products, but you also need the good and bad points of each. Remember, no product comes without any flaw, and these vacuums are no different. That said, the shortcomings of these vacuums are so insubstantial that you can ignore them and still get brilliant cleaning.

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